Personal Training

Countless studies have shown that having strength, flexibility, and stability not only enhances recovery from injuries but can also reduce the risk of injuries, regardless of age or sex. Static and dynamic flexibility programs have been shown to improve joint range of motion, and therefore performance, whether for sports-related activities or for daily functional activities.  Stability training leads to improved balance and neuromuscular control, while strength training improves the strength of the muscles, tendons and even ligaments and bones.  The stronger muscles and tendons help hold the body in proper alignment and protect the bones and joints when moving.  The bones become stronger as a result of the overload placed on them during training and the ligaments become more flexible and better at absorbing the shock applied to them during dynamic movement.   These three factors have been associated with general health benefits, increased life expectancy, psychological benefits, prevention of illness, and reduction of disability as we age.


As therapists our extensive knowledge on body mechanics, muscle balance and joint mobility ensures that you will have a safe, yet challenging, workout. Our diverse gym equipment combined with our creativity in exercise prescription allows us to create an exercise program that is tailor-made for you and your specific goals regardless of your fitness level.  We use the best techniques in body weight resistance to motivate and encourage you to push through your limits and achieve your goals!


We take pride in providing sports rehab services for both professional and recreational athletes.


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