Chiropody is a branch of medical science that involves the assessment and management of foot and lower limb disorders: this includes the management of a wide variety of disorders, injuries and local manifestations of systemic conditions. Foot deformities, infections and injuries not only limit your mobility, but can detrimentally affect your health and well-being.


Chiropodists are recognized and regulated health professionals that play a key role in the health of individuals across Ontario. Chiropodists provide assessment, treatment and management of acute and chronic conditions. They aid in the prevention of injury and disability, and promote proper foot health and overall well-being!


The role of the Chiropodist is to maintain and improve patient mobility, to alleviate foot pain, provide health education and thereby improving one’s quality of life.


When to see your chiropodist:
























We take pride in providing sports rehab services for both professional and recreational athletes.


You Don't Have to Be A Pro to Be Treated Like A Pro

Nail care, corns and calluses

Diabetic foot care and screening

Ingrown toenails

Plantar Warts

Fungal nail and skin conditions

Plantar fasciitis and heel pain

Foot and ankle sport injury or trauma

Biomechanical and gait analysis

Custom foot orthotics

Fit/dispense compression stockings

Nail and soft tissue surgeries

Wound prevention and management

Morton’s neuroma

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